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Cost of Fixed Denture

Published on:2018-10-30

    Fixed denture refers to dental restoration that is not removable. Technically, there are two ways available — porcelain restoration and dental implant. Generally speaking, fixed denture enjoys a good performance in both aesthetics and mastication. 

    How much will it cost to seek a fixed denture? Well, it varies wildly from case to case. 

    The price of an implant restoration ranges from about ten thousand to dozens of thousand in Chinese currency, basically resting on the brand of artificial root that you choose. No doubt, better performance comes along with a higher price. When there is a single missing tooth, one implant post will be required. When there are three missing teeth, two posts with a bridge of three crowns can be applied for restoration. As to half-mouth or full-mouth implant restoration, certain amount of posts together with a dental bridge of varying length can serve as a solution. A thorough check-up should be run before deciding the final treatment plan. 

    When it comes to porcelain restoration, the price varies as well. In cases when the roots remain intact and only a crown is needed, you only need to pay for the crown. When the roots are unstable, it’s a post and core crown that will be required, which undoubtedly will cost more. Porcelain restoration can also be sought to fix missing teeth, with a need to remove the tooth enamel of adjacent teeth in order to hold a bridge in place. 

    Usually one porcelain tooth costs about several thousand in Chinese currency, closely linked with it material. A porcelain restoration consists of inner and external crown. With external crown made of porcelain, the material of inner crown can be metal, precious metal and porcelain. Metal and precious metal material enjoy a better strength and hardness, but with a poor optical transparency and appearance. By contrast, an all-ceramic restoration enjoys a good optical transparency and looks more like a natural tooth, costing more accordingly.  Relevant article: Dental Implant vs. Removable Denture

    In terms of dental work, the fittest way will be the best one. First of all, you need to schedule a comprehensive examination and your dentist is able to develop a customized treatment plan based on the result whenever you suffer from a dental issue. 

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