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Complete Denture

Published on:2018-11-2

    With most of their teeth ill, people may consider removing all of them and seeking a complete denture instead.  

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, such action is not recommended. After all, no dental prosthesis is as good as a natural tooth. 

    Regardless of the cost, removing all teeth and restoring with full-mouth fake teeth is a huge project that will take a great deal of time and energy alike. Besides, the restoration will be rather hard to operate. Therefore, what needs to be done is to try your best efforts to save those teeth which are still reparable. 

    First of all, a thorough check-up should be scheduled to get a confirmed diagnosis about your dental condition. Based on the result, your dentist is supposed to develop a customized treatment plan for you. 

    If a complete denture is actually needed, how much will it cost?

    There are various ways available, costing differently. One is a removable complete denture which can be taken off and put on at will. Every night before going to bed, you have to take it off for cleaning. Such restoration is quite affordable, generally a few thousand yuan for one set. 

    The other way is to seek dental implants. One implant tooth usually costs more than ten thousand yuan, varying according to their material and brand. If you want to seek one implant for one missing tooth respectively, then it’s sure that a whole set of dental replacements will cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, it’s possible to place just a few implant posts to support a dental bridge, which will save a lot of money.  Relevant article: Cost of fixed denture

    In terms of dental work, the fittest way would be the best one. So it’s normal that the final treatment plan varies widely from case to case. And the total fee will be different accordingly. It’s advisable to take a full examination first and choose the right restorative plan. 

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