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Is there age limit on seeking porcelain tooth?

Published on:2018-11-29

    Generally speaking, porcelain restoration is not recommended for juveniles whose teeth haven’t reached full growth yet, since it may cast an adverse impact on tooth development. As for adults, porcelain restoration can be sought if necessary. However, when is the best to seek porcelain restoration? Is there age limit on seeking it? 

    Theoretically there isn’t age limit for that, but there indeed is indication. For those failing to meet the indications, porcelain restoration is not suggested. After all, it requires to abrade a layer of enamel upfront in order to hold the crown in place, which is irreversible and will take a toll on dental healthy on a long-term basis. 

    Even for adults, it would be advisable to think twice before taking the treatment. If there are other alternatives to fix your dental issues, such as orthodontics, laser bleaching, veneers or dental implants, you’d better take other options. Once the enamel has been abraded, there will be only one option left. 

    In cases of severely defective or discolored teeth, or microdontia, porcelain crown can be sought to restore both the color and the contour of teeth. It is set to yield a good result.

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, porcelain restoration has its own advantages and disadvantages. What matters is that you choose a right way fitting with your case. Besides, it’s also important that you seek the treatment from an experienced and skillful dentist, for the sake of a successful restoration.  Relevant article: All-porcelain crown vs. metal-porcelain crown

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