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Dental veneers

Published on:2018-12-27

    Dental veneer is viewed as a nice way to restore both the contour and color of a tooth. The procedure of applying a veneer restoration is rather simple, while the outcome it produces is usually aesthetic. Not everyone, however, is an eligible candidate for dental veneers. Only those who meet the indications of dental veneer are allowed to seek the treatment and set to enjoy a nice result. Then who is suitable for it, and who is not?

    Dental veneers are suitable for what kinds of cases? 

    1.Teeth with small defects, but can hardly receive a satisfactory restoration from a dental filling 

    2.Discolored teeth which laser whitening fails to improve.

    3.Teeth with an unaesthetic looking.

    What mentioned above are some commonly seen conditions that can be fixed well by dental veneers. As for the following situations, you might as well not consider a veneer restoration.

    1.Veneer restoration is not suggested for teeth with a little amount of enamel tissues. Dental veneers refer to wafer-thin shells designed to bond over tooth surfaces. It requires to remove a thin layer of tooth enamel upfront in order to hold it in place. Without adequate enamel, it’s difficult to cement the veneer firmly. Besides, there will also be a poor performance of edge sealing. 

    2.Generally speaking, it’s not allowed to seek dental veneers for deciduous teeth. Otherwise, it may affect the development of teeth. 

    3.Given that dental veneers are very thin and enjoy a good optical transparency, they may not be able to completely cover severely discolored teeth. Therefore, those who have a high requirement on aesthetics should consult with a dental professional and get a confirmed answer before undertaking the procedure.

    4.Those who form bad habits like teeth grinding, or those who have a bad occlusal relationship, or those who enjoy hard foods like nuts a lot, are supposed to run a full check-up first and follow the suggestion of dentists. If dental veneers are not suitable for your case, then go for other options instead of sticking to it blindly.

    As is mentioned before, enamel abrasion which is irreversible will be needed for seeking dental veneers. In the long run, it is set to take a toll on dental health. If there are other options like laser whitening to fix your problem, you should try them first. If the procedure is actually the best shot for your case, you’d better have it done by an experienced and skillful dentist, ensuring a professional and successful result. Think twice before you conduct the treatment and take really good care of the repaired teeth afterwards.  Relevant article: Indications of porcelain veneer

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