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Procedures of making a porcelain crown

Published on:2019-1-5

    Porcelain crown is like a cap of tooth, designed to restore both its contour and color. It requires to remove a round of tooth enamel in order to a hold the crown in place. Then what are the procedures of making a customized porcelain crown? Here comes a brief introduction. 

    At the first visit, a thorough dental check-up will be run to see if the ill tooth meets the indications of porcelain crown. If so, your dentist will develop a customized treatment plan and get you signed an informed consent. Then proper procedures such as dental cleaning, filling and etc should be conducted upfront if necessary.

    After existing dental issues are properly handled, your dentist will start to abrade tooth enamel. Later, an impression of your tooth will be taken and a right shade will be picked. During this phase, a temporary crown will be worn for the sake of both aesthetic and functional performance.

    All the data your dentist collects will be sent to factory. An custom-made crown is supposed to be produced and sent back to hospital within a week or two. At that time, you can come back to hospital and try it on. Tiny adjustments will be a made to ensure that you get a fittest crown for your case. 

    Whenever there is something wrong with the crown afterwards, it would be advisable that you book a review appointment with your dentist and have the problems fixed in a timely manner.

    Though the procedure of seeking porcelain crown seems quite simple and looks set to yield a nice result, it also has an obvious shortcoming. That is it requires to abrade quite a lot tooth enamel. Thus, dentists won’t easily suggest seeking a crown if there are other less invasive options. For severely discolored and defective teeth, the procedure may be rather suitable. Otherwise you’d better consider other options first. After all, the process of tooth abrasion is irreversible. Consult with your dentist and get the fittest dental work for your case. Relevant article: Fixed dental bridge

    A porcelain crown consists of two parts — inner crown and outer crown. The outer crown is made of porcelain, while the inner one can be made of porcelain or metal. No doubt different materials will perform differently. Nowadays, complete porcelain (aka all-ceramic) crown has gained an extensive popularity. On one hand, it looks as beautiful as and performs as well as a natural tooth. On the other hand, it casts no impact on MRI and other medical tests. It costs more than a porcelain-fused-to-metal one, though. 

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