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How much to extract decayed tooth?

Published on:2019-3-2

    As tooth decay happens, it advances in a rather fast pace. Without timely intervention, decayed teeth may end up with an extraction.

    In most cases, eroded teeth can be saved with timely and proper treatment. If extraction is required, it means the caries is so severe that it can’t be fixed.

    Then how much will it be to extract a decayed tooth?

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, it’s quite affordable to seek an extraction, generally about a few hundred yuan. Certainly, the total fee is closely linked with the number of teeth that require removing. The more teeth you need to remove, the more you have to pay. 

    Besides, the position of teeth may also cause a difference in price. Typically it would be easier to operate an extraction on anterior teeth than on back ones. A relatively complicated procedure will no doubt cost a bit more than an easier one.

    When it comes to removing wisdom teeth, the operation is usually more difficult, costing more accordingly. The price may range from several hundred to about two thousand yuan. 

    In addition, it’s possible that the same procedure may cost differently in different clinics. Regional prosperity will also account for the difference in price to some degree. Take a check-up first and consult with your dentist to get an exact price.

    When there are cavities, efforts should be made first to fill and save them, instead of pursuing an extraction blindly. After all, no dental prosthesis is as good as a natural tooth. Besides, proper restoration should be sought in time following an extraction procedure, which is set to cost you a lot more. 

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