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Which dental issue to treat first?

Published on:2019-5-8

    In fact, it’s quite common to see one suffering from dental caries and wisdom teeth issue at the same time. They may wonder which problem is more urgent and requires priority. According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, it varies depending on the specific dental condition of patients. 

    Actually, there isn’t a definite answer to this question. Or even you don’t need to consider too much on this question. No matter which issue you want to deal with first, it would be fine. 

    In the first place, you should learn about how to deal with dental caries and wisdom teeth respectively.

    Generally speaking, different treatment plans will be made based on the severity of tooth cavities. It can be typically categorized into three kinds. 

    In mild cases where caries still stay at outer layers, namely enamel or dentin, a simple filling procedure would be enough to fix the problem. It refers to removing all eroded tooth tissue, cleaning the hole and then filling the hole. 

    If caries goes deeper but not yet touch dental nerves, a layer of lining material should be put at the bottom of hole before applying filling material. 

    When caries goes deep enough to reach dental nerves, the filling procedure may fail to do the trick. It’s a root canal treatment that will be needed. The procedure involves removing eroded tooth tissue and devitalizing dental pulp, followed by gutta-percha filling. A endodontically treated tooth is relatively fragile and susceptible to fractures, therefore it’d better seek a crown restoration after a thorough RCT, for the sake of mastication and protection. 

    When it comes to dealing with wisdom teeth, the solution will be easier. For those suffering from inflammation often, having no paired counterpart in the other dental arch, or erupting in wrong position and direction, extraction will be the choice of treatment. Though rare, some wisdom teeth do see full eruption or complete impaction. In such cases, extraction can be skipped. But in the meantime, attention should be paid to observe their development.

    In closing, it’s suggested dealing with the severer one first when facing both dental caries and wisdom teeth issue. If wisdom teeth often suffer from inflammation and pain, causing trouble in dining process, proper medications can be taken to alleviate the infection and pain. An extraction procedure can be performed followed the mitigation of condition.

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