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Is hospital stay needed for getting dental implants?

Published on:2019-11-27

Dental implant placement, similar to tooth extraction, is a minimally invasive and safe surgery – there’s nothing to be nervous about, but nor should you underestimate it. Don't be panic. You can always get a good treatment result by following the doctor's advice.


Dental implant surgery may sound terrible. Many patients want to get dental implants, but are trapped in a tight schedule. So they are wondering whether dental implants can be done in a single day, whether a hospital stay is needed. Now let’s hear what the dentists say.


Is hospital stay needed for dental implant placement?


According to the dentists of Shenzhen AKJ Dental Hospital, dental implant surgery is not as terrible as imagined. Actually it is a common minor operation, so no worries. And it is usually done in the clinic, no hospital stay needed.


However, if the patient has special disease or poor oral condition, such as needing extensive bone grafting (common bone grafting can be completed in the clinic), or maxillary sinus lift surgery, since the physical condition requires a lot of care, the patient can consider a short stay in hospital to receive better attendance. This will reduce the risk of the operation, and be conducive to the rehabilitation after surgery.


Can dental implants be done in a single day?


In general, tooth implantation is not a complicated process. It involves applying local anesthesia, and then cutting the gums, placing the dental implant into the implanting area and suturing the wound. There are even cases in which the gums can be kept uncut, and the dental implant is placed through the surface of the gums. The entire procedure may request four to five visits.


At present, there exists a new implant called immediate dental implant, that is, the implant is placed into the socket at the same time when the tooth is extracted, and a temporary crown can be put on for protection. After surgery, the patient is allowed to consume a small amount (limited) food on the same day. Immediate implant placement requires advanced surgical skills and a relatively healthy bone condition.


Therefore, it is suggested that patients make proper preparation step by step beforehand if they want to get dental implants. It may be time consuming if tooth extraction and periodontal treatment are needed before surgery. Since the dental implant technique and plan may differ from case to case, make sure you have had a detailed communication with the dentist.