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How to deal with gap from tooth extraction?

Published on:2019-11-28

You can expect a gap between your teeth after an extraction. How to close or deal with the gap? Of course, this depends on various facors inlcuding the purpose of the extraction and the dental condition.


Have you ever thought about what you may encounter with after tooth removal? Actually quite a large number of patients will answer no. We know, a gap will be left behind when a tooth is pulled, and the gap won’t disappear itself. Then will it do harm if not being treated properly?


How to deal with gap from tooth extraction?


Tooth removal is fequently seen in dental procedures. Below we will list several cases which involve an extraction, and introduce how to deal with the extraction gap in each case:


1. Gap from milk tooth extraction


In this case, a space maintainer may be required till the eruption of the adult teeth, depending on the dentist’s evaluation based on the time when the permanent teeth will grow. If the milk tooth has been missing for a long time, the space may be occupied. As a result, the adult teeth won’t develop in the right position, and future orthodontic treatment is needed.


2. Gap from tooth extraction in orthodontics


Orthodontic treatment usually involves removal of teeth (4 – 8). But how to deal with the gaps left behind? Just leave them alone, because those spaces are exactly required for the treatment, and they will be closed when the teeth are straightened.


3. Gap from wisdom tooth extraction


This is easy to deal with. Just leave it alone. Why? Because wisdom tooth is located at the very back of the mouth, and its removal won’t impact the dentition. Therefore, you just need to wait the socket to heal over time.


4. Gap from extraction of a regular tooth


The pulled regular tooth must be replaced with a false tooth of which the most frequently used is dental implant. Dental implant requires no trimming of the adjacent teeth, nor any anchors. So it is a relatively good restoration.


How to close the gap left behind after tooth extraction depends on the case. Except for the above situations, there are also hypodontia and hyperdontia in which case you’re suggested to consult with a dentist in a professional dental hopsital.


Warm Note: our real teeth are precious. Try not to pull out natural teeth when case allows. Otherwise, it may cost you much more time, efforts and money.