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Atraumatic Extraction Vs Normal Extraction

Published on:2019-7-30

The thought of having a tooth extracted is enough to make most people stressed and worried about the pain. What most people don't know is there are now several methods which can alleviate the pain. So which method is used for extracting wisdom teeth?   


The normal extraction method has always been considered rather brutal but today most tooth extractions are done using the minimally invasive extraction method. So what's the difference between the two methods?


Difference Between Atraumatic Extraction & Normal Extraction

  1. In normal tooth extraction forceps, elevators, chisels and other instruments are used and is rather traumatic. Atraumatic extractions use vertical forces causing minimal damage.

  2. The pain in normal tooth extraction is much more painful and will take longer to heal. In comparison atraumatic extraction with minimal damage and invasive technique pain and healing time is much shorter.

  3.  Complications with atraumatic extraction is less likey to happen due to the dentist's  minimally invasive techniques and aseptic procedures.

  4.  Atraumatic extraction is now widely used especially when extracting wisdom teeth, impacted tooth and difficult to remove tooth. Normal extractions are now less commonly used unless it's a simple tooth extraction.

  5.  There is a difference in costs, normal extractions can start at a few hundred Yuan, however atraumatic extractions cost over a thousand Yuan due to the requirements of the skills and techniques of the dentist.

  6.  Normal extraction scan take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hour, whereas atraumatic extraction can take as little as 15 minutes to 30 minutes.