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Costs of Fillings & Tooth Extractions Included in Orthodontic Treatment?

Published on:2019-8-15

During your orthodontic consultation, your orthodontist will devise a treatment plan for your teeth. Whether this treatment requires extraction of teeth, fillings or other treatments your orthodontist will give you a price estimation.


Extra Costs for Extractions & Fillings?

Generally speaking before carrying out the orthodontic treatment the orthodontist will tell you which treatments will be carried out and detailing costs. This means that any costs incurred for extractions, fillings, scale and polish or periodontal treatment you will be told in advance.


Different clinics and stomatological hospitals will have different fees and policies. Some dental clinics include fillings and tooth extractions in their orthodontic treatment prices whereas other clinics charge for each treatment separately. Therefore, during consultations it's best to ask the orthodontist about costs and what is included in the treatment and what needs to be paid for separately.


Strictly speaking tooth extractions and fillings are not usually done by orthodontists, for example tooth extractions require patients to be referred to oral surgeons and fillings need to be carried out by a general dentist or the department of endodontics. So it is understandable that for treatment of cavities and extractions before orthodontic treatment that these costs are not covered.


Tip: Before going through with any type of treatment, it's advised to go through a consultation with the clinic or stomatological hospital to ensure they are professional and treatment costs are discussed.