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Root Canal Treatment is Expensive?

Published on:2019-8-16

Is 2,000 RMB expensive for root canal treatment? In fact the current cost of root canal treatment is generally several thousand Yuan, this price is relatively average. However, it is recommended that you know what is included in the treatment price.


Root canal treatment is much more expensive than the ordinary cavity filling, that is why many patients are worried about visiting a dental clinic as it’s very expensive.


How Expensive is Root Canal Treatment?

Generally speaking, the current cost of root canal treatment is approximately 2,000 Yuan to 3,000 Yuan. With an average cost of 2,000 Yuan for treatment this is considered a reasonable price. Root canal treatment involves many aspects so we advise that patients understand the treatment process and the costs involved before going ahead with the treatment. Below are some of the questions you should ask during a consultation appointment:


1.      With root canal treatment there is a choice between traditional root canal treatment and microscopic root canal treatment. The latter is more expensive due to the use of microscopic equipment.


2.      Root canal treatment will require patients to have CT scans done before, during and after the treatment. Patients will have between 3 to 4 CT scans taken, therefore we advise that you ask whether the costs of the CT scans are included in the treatment plan.  


3.      You need root canal treatment carried out again on the same tooth, do you need to pay extra this time? Is there extra costs for anesthetic and rubber dam isolation?    


4.      Is the costs of a filling or dental posts for a crown included in the treatment or needs to be paid for separately?


5. Do costs vary for treating a front tooth and back tooth? Are costs based on per tooth or how many teeth require treatment? How much extra is needed for treating extra teeth?