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Costs of Wieland Dental Crown at Shenzhen AKJ Dental Clinic

Published on:2019-12-5

A lot of patients are now choosing the German brand Wieland dental crowns over domestic brands. Why? Although domestic brands and imported brands of porcelain ceramic crowns can still provide results a lot of patients still choose imported brands due to the quality.


How much does a Wieland dental crown cost?


The cost of Wieland porcelain dental crowns currently cost between 4,500 RMB to 5,000 RMB.


1. Different clinics and dental hospitals will have different prices. Private dental hospitals will charge more than public hospitals.


2. Depending on the region and which city the prices can also vary.


3. Costs will also be based on the condition of the patient’s teeth, for example some patients may require enamel removal before the dental crown can be fitted. Some patients may need root canal treatment and then a dental crown will need to be fitted. Therefore, the more treatment required the more expensive the costs.


Getting advice from a qualified dentist is vital, apart from choosing the right type of dental crown for you, the dentist will also have to design a treatment plan which can provide you with the best results aesthetically.


Overall it’s not fair to say that only German and American brands of dental crowns are best. Some domestic brands can still offer dental crowns that can give good results. However, imported brands of dental crowns from Germany and USA in terms of materials, durability and details are more well known.