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Dr. Hu Shao Jun

Dentist Specialization

Specialized in minimally invasive aesthetic dental restoration and dental implant, minimally invasive tooth extraction and fine root canal treatment with a unique medical intellect and experience.

Brief Introduction

With more than 15 years of high-end dental clinical service,dental restoration and dental implant trainings from Peking as well as Wuhan University School of Stomatology, Dr. Hu Shao Jun is a well-recognized dentist in Southern China. Being the first to achieve the Sweden Noble Biocare prize, he was invited and became a member of the Chinese Stomatology Association Professional Committee of Dental Implant. Having a unique set of thinking, Hu is a remarkable minimally invasive dental implant and dental restoration dentist. He won a number of awards such as the Guangdong Province dental restoration gold medal for 2 consecutive terms(2011-2013). For three consecutive years at AKJ Dental Hospital, Dr. Hu is the winner of the annual dental restoration competition 1st prize (2011-2013) and dental implant competition 1st prize (2014). Dr. Hu Shao Jun is determined to help those who suffers from dental issues. His “fine, accurate and fast” dental treatment has gained a strong reputation in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.