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The cost of dental veneer

Published on:2018-11-24

    To put it simply, dental veneers are wafer-thin shells designed to bond over teeth surface. You can compare it to a mask of teeth, except that this one is not removable, but a fixed one. Admittedly, veneers work well to change both the contour and color of tooth. 

    Though porcelain veneer can yield a sound restorative result, it requires to abrade a layer of tooth enamel beforehand in order to hold it in place and produce an even surface. As we know, enamel abrasion is irreversible. Therefore you’d better think twice before taking the treatment.

    How much will a dental veneer cost? There are various kinds of veneers available, of which the price varies widely depending on its material and brand. By and large, it may cost several thousand yuan. 

    As for those with poor oral hygiene, it’s suggested to seek a professional cleaning prior to conducting veneers, with a purpose to remove dental plaque and calculus. A better oral environment will be helpful to produce to more desirable result. Of course, the cost of teeth cleaning is not included in the price of the veneer.  Relevant article: Indications of porcelain veneer

    In closing, hardly can you get an exact price before taking a thorough check-up and getting a confirmed treatment plan. Consult with your dentist and choose the right one in line with both your dental and financial condition. Also, you have to take other factors into consideration instead of blindly pursuing a low price. 

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