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Will veneers or crowns affect eating?

Published on:2018-12-6

    Before seeking a cosmetic restoration, many people may concern whether it would yield a poor result that may affect their daily life, such as troubling their dinning process or making them unsightly. According to dentist from AKJ Dental Hospital, that won’t happen if the procedure is conducted properly. So it is of great significance that you have the dental work done by an experienced and skillful dentist, for the sake of a success.

    In other words, no matter you have sought veneers or crowns, it won’t cast an impact on your normal dinning process if it is completed properly. You don’t have to be so nervous about that.

    During the procedure of dental veneer, a layer of tooth enamel will be removed upfront in order to hold the veneer in place as well produce an even surface. Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells designed to bond over tooth surface, metaphorically equal to a brand-new mask of the teeth. No doubt, you can eat normally after the restoration. But you have to avoid used the repaired tooth for biting hard foods. Now there are various materials available, including composite resin, ceramic and hard material. They will be applied for different situations. Of course, there is no denying that excellent aftercare will prolong its service life.

    As for dental crown, it is like a cap for teeth. It requires enamel abrasion as well for a coordinating and cosmetic appearance. Compared with dental veneers, a larger amount of enamel needs removing. It’s suitable for cases of bigger dental defect or severer discoloration.

    Though enamel is abraded and the tooth gets smaller, it will look like a natural one after wearing a crown. A crown consists of two parts — external and internal crown. The external crown is made of ceramic, while the internal one of metal or ceramic. You can choose the right one in line with your personal requirement. No matter which type of restoration you choose, you have to take a good care of it afterwards. With a large occlusal force, the restoration may be susceptible to fracture and falling-out. Relevant article: Is there age limit on seeking porcelain tooth?

    As we know, a proper procedure of veneer or crown restoration is set to yield an aesthetic result and has no impact on your normal dinning process, regardless of which material is applied. Much attention, however, should be paid to your care of them on a daily basis. For instance, you shouldn’t use it to bite hard foods or as a tool. In addition, you should always maintain good oral hygiene and schedule regular dental check-ups.

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